The Why of the Making

Candles have always been interesting to me; growing up all of my aunts and grandmothers had them in their home and it was always really special when they would pull out these candles and light them up. Sometimes, when the candles came out, my whole family would get together and have this great big dinner to celebrate a holiday or some great event. Of course, after dinner some people would have headaches and the host was left to scrub their walls to the point where I could swear they would take the paint off. Over the years, the dinners with candles became less and less common, people moved away or passed away and I kind of missed having those candles on the table even though the next day would always consist of scrubbing the walls and taking a BC/Goodies Powder for the headache sure to follow.20170307_131815

As an adult candles fascinate me even though I still associate them with those big family dinners we had when I was a kid, but one thing I didn’t figure out until much later was why people got headaches or why the host scrubbed their walls. Answering these questions is what I believe makes my small business stand out among the rest.

People don’t often think of mass-production candles as chemicals and gasoline poured around a firecracker, but that’s more or less what you get when you buy everyday candles. Paraffin wax and cheap fragrance oils cause most people to get headaches and migraines, the reason for this is because paraffin wax is a petroleum byproduct and cheap/mass produced fragrance oils are loaded with cancer-causing chemicals that leave people feeling hung-over or sick. Then you have your zinc-core wicks: there’s your firecracker. Add all of these elements together and you have a soot factory that might smell nice but will ultimately leave you scrubbing your walls with a headache because the particles in paraffin leave a sticky, shiny layer of soot and residue on whatever they happen to land upon.

Now because I enjoy candles and so do nearly all of the people I know, I wanted to make something that even if it wasn’t better, than at least it would be healthier for them. I did at least nine months of research and trial-and-error testing with everything I made trying to figure out what fragrance oils smelled nice without being too synthetic, what types of wax burned well without leaving soot and particles on surfaces, what wicks didn’t give of soot like a charcoal factory, how to add natural oils without over-burning the candle like an oil spill, what kinds of wood were hard enough, dense enough to maintain a flame. Until a year later, I finally have something that I’m not only proud to call my own, but happy to share with everyone I know.

I make candles that are a blend of organic soy and beeswax, infused with premium natural and fragrance oils, hand-poured in small batches around a hand-cut wood wick. Organic soy and raw beeswax aren’t just good for you, the particles that are released upon burning attach themselves to dust floating through the air and make them heavier, thus making them fall to the ground as opposed to being available for people to breathe in. Premium grade fragrance and natural oils to not only keep from giving people headaches, but to release naturally occurring chemicals that prevent and relieve them. Finally, hand-cut wood wicks because they provide an even burn and don’t emit harmful toxins or cause soot output coating nearby surfaces with tacky, sticky residue.20170307_105016

Candles are meant to be enjoyed and it has been my goal to not only make enjoyable candles, but ensure that what I craft isn’t harmful to people on any level. Because while I do miss those family dinners when I was a kid and will always associate any kind of candle with spending time with my family, those dinners likely could have been better if those candles were healthier (or at least not as toxic)
for everyone. We do have family dinners again, the family from “way back when” is a little smaller and there are lots of new faces, but no one gets headaches anymore or scrubs the walls after dinner because the candles on the table this year, they’re mine. And after every dinner, when someone asks where the candles came from, well I’ve always got a few small candles to hand out to anyone that wants one.